Hello There!

Welcome to my author page. I’m keeping things pretty simple since I prefer writing to managing computer stuff, but this is where I’ll be updating all the most important information that I think (hope) you’ll want to know.

To begin with, please note that in the bar to the right you’ll find some exclusive freebie books only available here, so if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, please do! You’ll find info about new/projected releases and events on the News page. The best way to keep in the loop, though, is via my monthly newsletter. That’s where I check in to let you know what’s going on in my world and what reading goodness is coming up! I also try to feature books from at least one or two other authors, so you’ll be able to expand your library even further if you want to 🙂

If you want more info about myself, quirks and all, head over to the about me page.

Lastly, there’s a books page that will tell you more about what I’m currently writing and my inventory. I hope you find this page useful and entertaining, if there’s anything you’d like to see added or changed, please let me know!